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    The Solar Powered Rechargeable

    LED Job Site Headlamp


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    V18 Watch some practical applications of the
    EL8, as a Solar Powered Rechargeable
    LED Job Site Headlamp

    Some uses of the EL8 in the job site and around the house:

    •  Attic work:

      • Electrical work

      • Plumbing

      • Insulation

      • Framing

      • Connecting an attic TV antenna

      • Telephone wires

      • Audio cables installation

    •  Around the house:

      • Electrical work in the attic

      • Electrical work around the house, garage, and outside the house

      • Plumbing under sinks, general plumbing

      • Insulation in crawling space

      • Framing

      • Plumbing in the crawling area

      • Plumbing in the attic

      • Electrical, telephone, or audio installation in crawling area

      • Fixing sprinklers at dusk or at night

      • Adjusting sprinklers late at night

      • Last minute work in the roof, eves, gutters, around the house


     Plumber cleaning a washer's drain

    • Job Site

      • Finishing work, carpenters

      • Plumbing

      • Insulation installation on attic, under floor,  and crawling space

      • Electrical work

      • Framing in dim conditions

      • Plumber, crawling space work

      • Tiling, grout

      • Construction Worker lamp/headlamp

      • Interior finishing work

      • Electrician lamp, headlamp

      • Roofing early in the morning and late in the evening

      • Charging you iPod, mp3 player, mp4-video player, cell phone, Blackberry, Bluetooth ear piece, GPS

      • Any work where you need some extra light and free hands



    Manager of an apartment building (and son), in the electrical room

    A perfect gift for any occasion, and for anyone: the Do It Yourself (DIY) at home, construction worker, handyman, contractor, plumber, electrician, outdoors woman, outdoors man, carpenter, office employee, warehouse worker, carpenter, framer, roofer, masonry, tile settler, etc.! You name it!

    It is so handy that you can use it as a regular flashlight. Regardless of its oval shape, feels comfortable and natural on your hand when lighting your way; and you can easily transfer it to your head to use it as headlamp, as you need it.

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