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    Backpackers Gear Guide

    Featuring the EverLiteTM Solar Headlamp

    Eco Friendly
    EverLiteTM EL8 Solar Headlamp

    March, 2008

    Text Version

    BackPacker Gear Guide

    March, 2008 Issue


    Featuring the EverLite™ Solar Headlamp

    Excerpt from page 147, March 2008 Gear Guide


    EverLite™ EL8 Solar Headlamp

    Tired of tossing alkaline batteries or managing batches of rechargeables? This compact five-LED headlamp powers straight off a packable 0.73-watt solar panel (it weighs 3 ounces and comes with adhesive-backed hook-and-loop patches so you can easily slap the panel onto a pack or tent). Our testers found the battery charge in six hours of full sun (eight hours in normal overcast) and poured out a 60-foot proximity glow for at least 12 hours on one charge. The lamp switches off periodically as power runs low, so you never go totally dark without warning. Optional adapter cords ($10.00-$17.00) let you tap the grid as well, or charge cell phones and other devices off the solar panel. Bottom line: A fuss-free perpetual lighting machine for greenies and thru hikers.

    $50.00; 6.3oz;


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