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    2008 Teen Choice Awards

    "It's about Green Eco Choices, Solar Energy, And Recycling"

    Last night, my teen daughter told us she wanted to watch the Teen Choice Awards. She is a crazy fan of the Jonas Brothers, and my daughter wouldn’t miss another chance to see them. My whole family ended up watching the awards.

    After Miley Cyrus’s opening song, two famous young singers, Jesse McCartney and Katharine McPhee , came forward to the stage to present an award for (and I’m quoting exactly what they said): Jesse McCartney said “Not only Teen Choice Awards, but it’s also the Green Choice Awards. It’s all about Eco”. Katharine McPhee said, “That’s right. We are talking Solar Energy, soy beans, and Recycling”.

    I couldn’t believe my ears! The Academy Awards, the Golden Globe Awards, Teen Choice awards are all about fame, looks, beauty, being cool, having lots of money, and other “nice things of life.” These two “kids” were talking about green choices, recycling, and solar energy.

    Who ever wrote the script for Jesse and Katherine is either a genius environmental activist or a green nut hippie. If McCartney and McPhee talked about solar energy and choosing to be green on their own, in front of all those people, knowing that millions of kids (and adults) were watching them live on TV, and many more were going to  watch them on YouTube and other sites, I just have to say, they are now on my list of most respectable people in this country!!!

    Being environmentally conscious and supporting solar energy were subjects usually related to hippies or “crazy” people. Listening to such statements in and event like the Teen Choice Awards and from such famous people, is encouraging and refreshing. What a profound message for teens!

    The Teen Choice Awards promoted and in a way endorsed to be environmentally and ecologically  conscious, or choose "Green", Solar Power, and Recycling. How can teens implement this? What can we do to show kids how to take green choices? What examples can we provide that will motivate them to use Renewable Energy, like Solar Energy?

    Here are some examples:

    •  Using rechargeable batteries

    •  Charging batteries with solar power

    •  Charging/recharging iPods and cell phones with solar energy

    87% of teens who own an MP3 player own some type of iPod

    With more than 150 million iPods sold until September 2007. About 22 millions sold in fist quarter of 2008, and about 11 million in the second quarter of 2008, in spite of the bad economy. We can safely say that as September 2008, about 200 million iPods have been sold.

    Can you imagine how much energy can be saved charging iPods and cells from Solar Energy?

    Some quick numbers will give us a good idea. It takes about 4 watts per hour to charge an iPod, in average. iPhones and iPod video require more power. If ALL iPods sold were charged by solar energy, this much energy will be saved:

    200 million times 4W/h, equals 800 million W/h, or 800,000 KW/h.

    Now take your electricity bill, and find out how much power your house consumes in a month. I looked at mine, and found that we use between 14,000 KW/h to 20,000 KW/h, and we do not waste that much power.

    Lets suppose that the American home average uses about 20,000KW/h:

    800,000 KW/h divided 20,000 KW/h, equals 40!!! It means that with energy saved by charging ALL iPods sold with solar energy, 40 houses in the US can by powered FREE for a MONTH!!!

    Statistics show that about 50% of iPod owners are teenagers. If the message from the Teen Choice Awards is well understood  to just some of them, we can start using more and more energy from the sun, and contribute to less pollution.

    I will be posting soon, this related, more expanded article:

    How Much Energy Can Be Save By Using Solar Energy?



    An iPod Shuffle charged with the EL8 Headlamp - Solar Charger

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