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    How to Charge an iPhone When Away From Laptop/Computer


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    Ever wonder what to do when your iPhone is running out of battery, or very low on battery, you are away from your laptop, desk computer, away from any electric power outlet, or your car, and you really, really need it? This happens not only if you are outdoors; it may happen in a city, between meeting, during vacations, at the beach, etc.

    This is a very simple and effective way to recharge your iPhone when you are away from home, and any electric power outlet.

    V34 This video shows an iPhone being charged by an EL8 Solar Energy Rechargeable Headlamp, using the AE6 USB power port adapter

    Charging iPhone with solar power-EL8 Solar Headlamp

    Charge iPhone with solar energy-EL8 Solar Headlamp

    Pictures taken at the store where we went to test the new EL8 Solar Energy Headlamp , LED, Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, by
    Everlite. This new model comes furnished with the same kind of rechargeable Li-ion batteries as the most popular hand held electronics, like cell phones, GPS, iPods, Bluetooth devices, digital cameras, etc.

    I always carry an EL8 Solar Energy Rechargeable Headlamp and an USB adapter in my car. It save me on several emergency situations like:

    •  My wife running to take our son to an all day beach activity, and her cell phone was "death"

    •  My cell phone running out of battery in my office, in a very busy day, and expecting many phone calls

    •  My iPod 4GB die on my, and stop playing this important podcast series I was listening to while driving (, Yaro Starak). I "read" audiobooks a lot and listen to podcasts while driving, because I don't have time to read or listen at home.

    •  One of my daughters complaining on a long trip by car, that her iPod was "death"; an less you have a teen, you have no idea the type of crisis this situation can cause!!!

    •  My other daughter's iPod needed to be recharged when we were in a volleyball tournament, away from the car and any electric power outlet.

    In all situations mentioned above, I just got my emergency solar charger and I took it or sent it to the place it was needed: the beach, my office, or the back of my car.

    Charging cell phone at the beach with Solar Energy from EL8 Headlamp

    At the beach

    Charging LG cell with EL8 Headlamp at the office

    At the office

    Charging iPod 2GB with EL8 Solar Energy Headlamp and USB adapter

    Not at the back of my car, but same configuration

    In my office

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