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    The EL8, by Everlite, Solar-Powered, rechargeable Li-ion batteries, LED Headlamp - Solar Panel combination kit

    This website is FOR SALE!
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    Solar LED Headlamp Li-ion rechargeable battery


    A truly 100% green product!

    EL8 Headlamp and Solar Panel combination: $49.95     




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    The EL8 is a very smart, versatile, green headlamp invention . It plugs into the sun to recharge its Li-ion batteries! No more throwing away alkaline batteries! Avery bright light is delivered by 5 LEDs. A solar panel, included in the EL8 kit, measures 2.5 X 4.5 inches, and weights about 3oz. The Solar Panel not only recharges the Headlamp, but also recharges you cell phone, iPod, MP3 players, GPS, Game Boy, Bluetooth earpiece, and we are sure you will find some more other smart uses for it! The EL8 is a very light Headlamp; it weights about 3oz. Feels comfortable on your fore head and on your hand, when used as a flashlight.

    Watch live action movies showing uses of the EL8 Headlamp below

    Key Benefits

    •  Solar powered. Charge your headlamp with the solar panel (or if at home, with standard power adaptor);
       no more tossing disposable batteries

    •  7 hours of sunlight provides a full charge to the batteries

    •  A full charge gives you about 12 hours of bright light

    •  High efficiency rechargeable Li-ion batteries

    •  Bright, efficient light conversion through the use of LEDs

    •  Small-lightweight parts: headlamp weights 3oz; and solar panel also weights 3oz

    •  The 5 bright white LED lights provide good visibility up to 40 feet

    • Sequencing pushbutton switch for various LED operating modes:

      • full brightness up to 12 hours

      • photocell mode turns on the 5 LEDs only on low light conditions

      • half brightness up to 24 hours

      • emergency blinking mode up to 24 hours

    •  Comfortable headband strap with snap-in mount and hinged angle adjustment

    •  Solar panel charges popular "essentials" electronics like iPods, MP3 players, cell phones, Bluetooth earpiece, and GPS (needs optional accessories)

    •  All features of a flashlight, portable, small, light way, and yet bright enough for most applications, plus the advantage and convenience of the head band elastic strap, that makes it a smart head lamp

    Some uses of the EL8, Headlamp


    Powering and Charging a Garmin GPS

    with the EL8 Solar Panel,
    the EA1 - 12 Volt Converter and the GPS's car charger
    (in a very sunny day)

    •  Outdoors activities: camping, backpacking, geo caching, bicycling, bonfire at the beach, emergency blinking light, trail hiking, setting up camp, and reading light
      V5 EL8 Solar Headlamp being used as reading light.

      Very useful and comfortable in reading outdoors activities like

      camping, RV, motor home, as well as reading at home

    •  Working around the house: in the attic, in the garage, inside closets, in or around the car, going to the shed at night, setting the sprinkler system timer off before the rain, just any work around the house where you need light or you could use some more light quickly and hands free!

    •  The ideal companion in the job site! When working in construction in low light conditions early in the morning and late at night. At any time where power is not available and you need some more light and your hands free. With the added convenience of the photocell mode feature, that turns on LEDs only in darkness, saving battery charge for when you need it. Light weight and powerful enough to light your job area! And when your are done with your hard work, you still can use it to read a book at home!

    •  In the jobsite, you can charge your cell, blackberry, Bluetooth ear piece, GPS and you can even re-charge your soul with music from an iPod/MP3 player "plugged to the sun"!, by using either the EL8 provided solar panel, or the EL8 headlamp it self (needs optional accessories)

      V6 Charging iPod nano 8Gb with the EL8 Solar Panel and the optional accessory EA1 - 12 Volt Converter - Car Adapter

      iPod nano 8Gb, playback time when fully charge about 24hrs

       EL8 Solar LED Headlamp-Solar Panel Combination +
      EA1 - 12 Volt Converter - Car Adapter: $66.90

      Click here to see more charging uses of your hand held electronics, using the EL8 Solar Powered LED, Li-ion rechargeable battery, Headlamp

    •  Very useful working on dropped ceilings, usually found in offices and commercial buildings

      V7 See the EL8 in photo cell mode, turning automatically on and off as solar LED headlamp moves from a lighted area to low light one.

      Watch the LEDs of the EL8 turning on when man goes up above dropped ceiling dark area, and turning off as he comes down the step ladder to the lighted room.

      Inspecting an Electrical Panel

      The perfect companion in the jobsite

      and around the house

    •  A must companion tool for handyman's, construction workers, contractors, DIY's (Do It Yourself), hobbyists, outdoor people

    •  Very useful in the RV, motorhome, campsite, in the office, at the work place

    •  Emergency light in blackout situations at home, office, in a warehouse, or any working place

    •  Great incentive for children to read! You may be thinking I am kidding; watch this short movie!

      Seven years old boy enjoying his reading homework!!  Dozen of books read effortless!!! Best reading light ever, at least for me!

      Showing the EL9 in the left video, the smart EL8 small brother. The EL8 solar LED headlamp, in the right, works just as well!!

    •  Teaching your kids how Solar Power works!  I used the EL8 Solar Panel to feed a small electric motor, of a wind mill we assembled with my son

    •  Avoid accidents in the job site, by having enough light and your hands free to do your work properly: hold a power tool with both hands, hold a tool on one hand and use the other to hold your self from a step ladder, a wall, or post, or any other situation that involves taking a safety measure.

      If you know of any other use you might have for the EL8 solar LED headlamp, please let us know by filling in the form below. We'll gladly list your suggestion in this page. Thanks.

    This website is FOR SALE!
    includes ALL JV offers/contacts

    e-mail your offer to

      Description Price   Shipping  
    EL8 - Solar LED Headlamp-

    Solar Panel combination

    $49.95 $4.60  

    12V cigarrette lighter converter

    EA1 - 12 Volt Converter -

    Car Adapter and

    included "T" adapter

    $16.95 $3.60  

    EA6 - USB Adapter

    and included "T" adapter

    $16.95 $3.60  
    EL8 Headlamp - Solar Panel +

     EA1-12 Volt Converter - Car Adapter, "T" adapter included

    (charges cells, iPods, mp3 players, Bluetooth,
    GPS, etc., plugging hand held device's car
    charger to EA1 - 12 Volt Converter)

    $66.90 $4.60  
    EL8 Headlamp - Solar Panel +

    EA6 - USB Adapter,
    "T" adapter included

    (charges iPods, mp3 players, GPS, etc.,
    plugging hand held device's USB cable to
    EA6 - USB Adapter)

    $66.90 $4.60  
    USB Adapter - EA6 Special Buy for iPod users!

    EL8 Headlamp - Solar Panel +

    EA6 - USB Adapter, modified to charge iPods
    NO "T" adapter

    (charges iPods, mp3 players, GPS, etc.,
    plugging hand held device's USB cable to
    EA6 - USB Adapter)

    (only 12 modified EA6 USB adapters available)

    $60.90 $4.60  
    EL8 Headlamp - Solar Panel +

    EA1-12 Volt Converter
    w/ "T" adapter +

    EA6 - USB Adapter,
    w/ "T" adapter

    (this combination charges almost any hand
    held device, using device's car charger or
    device's USB cable)

    $83.85 Free  

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